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Adele Haywood

Adele Haywood, a photographer from Barnsley has been keen to promote the importance of attending cervical screening appointments following her own personal experience.

Adele promptly attended her first routine cervical screening appointment when she turned 25. Despite having no signs or symptoms, the screening detected abnormal cells of the cervix which would require treatment to remove before they potentially progressed into cancer.

Adele said: “I was worried when I received my results showing that abnormal cells had been picked up. However I was reassured by the fact that the cells were precancerous and that they had been picked up early which meant that they could be treated before they became cancerous.”

Adele was referred to Barnsley Hospital where she received treatment for the abnormal cells and has since received the all clear on her most recent cervical screening test.

When asked what her message would be to women who are deciding whether to take up their invites Adele said: “Just book it and get it done. The screening process isn’t scary as some people think it is. It only takes 5 minutes and for me it meant that I could be treated before the abnormal cells became cancerous.”